What Is Zen Bikerism?

Zen Bikerism is a reverential way of life which sees the motorcycle as a perfect example of the harmony of science and spirit which is our highest state.

The first thing anyone tells you when you mention that you ride, or even just want to ride, a motorcycle, is a death story.

Somebody died a horrible fiery death. Some people rattle off statistics out the yang to show how dangerous a motorcycle is. (And conveniently ignore how many bike-related tragedies are actually automobile-related tragedies that happen to involve motorcycles.)

We of the two wheels know.

We know how dangerous it is. We know that there is nothing between us and the pavement but two wheels and our own skill.

That’s why we do it.

This is one of the things that makes the bike a perfect metaphor for life itself.

We of the two wheels believe that the joy and exhilaration are worth the risk. We don’t let the danger stop us, because we trust ourselves to be able to handle the risk if and when it arrives. And we accept the fact that there may come a time when that trust will be unfounded.

Belief, faith and acceptance.

I didn’t make a religion out of motorcycling. It already was one to begin with.

Tell me, what’s a good way to go through life? How, I ask, do you get through life and face your days without curling up in a ball sobbing and sucking your thumb?

How about, you believe that the day will be joyful and exhilarating, that you will enjoy it? How about you trust yourself to deal with the things that cut back on the joy and exhilaration? And accept that there may be times and things that are beyond your abilities. There’s no shame in not being up to every problem. A problem beyond your abilities does not lessen your abilities.

Belief, faith and acceptance.

That’s life.

There will always be those who try to take that away from you. Who try to destroy it, because they lack the intestinal fortitude to experience it themselves and therefore cannot stand to see it in others.

A Zen Biker never lets themself get pushed around by somebody like that.

Because the bike is life, baby.

And the joy of it, is worth the risk.


Is Zen Bikerism Right For You?

Do you believe:

  • in honor?
  • in balance?
  • that there is more than one way?
  • that you have the power?
  • that there is Truth, and you can find it?

Then you might want to have a look around.