A Magic Tree Grows in Bricklawn – Paperback and Kindle Versions

My debut novel, and a jolly good romp to write.  Full description below.  EXTERNAL LINK: ORDER FULFILLED BY AMAZON.COM

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MAGIC! SEXUAL TENSION! REAL ESTATE!  When a development mogul in New York City decides to give a subordinate a fair chance at advancement, he establishes a situation that threatens the lives of millions of people.  So, pretty much a typical day in New York.  1,100 miles away in the small town of Sutter, Iowa, a hairdresser and her friends – including a Yogi, a Druid, and a shapeshifter who is not what he seems – are all that stand against this horrifying fate.  Unless their enemies are standing against it as well.  Since most of these people are idiots, you can imagine how long the odds are.


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