Be The Sun

The Ancient Egyptians were masters of metaphor.

Their whole lives revolved around it.

They spoke of ladders to ascend to Heaven, they saw gold as sunlight in tangible form.

The sun that created that light, along with being a potent god, was also one of their most important metaphors.

In the sun more than anything else, they saw themselves. Daily, one must wake, rise, go about his business, unwind, and retire. So also does the sun appear on the horizon, rise, go about the business of the sun, decline to the horizon, and set. Over the span of a lifetime: one must be born, aspire, live, decline and die. Just like the sun, living such a lifetime every day.

This was perhaps their most valuable lesson.

Direct your evolution towards being like the sun. For the sun rises just the same, and shines just as bright, and sets in its own good time, tomorrow as well as today, and today as well as yesterday, as warm above the clouds as it is on the sand under a clear sky. Doing what the sun does, providing what the sun provides…regardless of the will and the works of man.

As children are not adults, though they have adults within them, so we are not suns, though we have suns within us.

Some children never grow up no matter how their bodies age, and many people will never develop their solar selves no matter what they learn.

To delvelop your solar self, know your truth. Be honest with yourself, and know your truth.

Perhaps we are born knowing who we are, but things tend to get complicated almost immediately.

Throughout your life, you will wonder who to be and how to act; there will be untold numbers of people who will provide suggestions, advice, manipulations, and traps. All sorts of wisdom and ignorance will be laid at your feet, or crammed into your ear, like it or not.

Only through patient dedication can we temper these elements and, as the Buddhists say, “become like a baby again.”

Knowing who we are.

That is knowing your truth.

It can only be found with a clear conscience, the conscience of a baby.

When you find it, let that truth fructify where it finds fertile soil and a willing seed.

Let that truth burn without pity.

Like the sun.

Be who you are, always.

And let those who would tear you down to elevate themselves, those who would alter your truth to suit themselves, be as those who throw rocks at the sun.



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