Salvation is Free, For What It’s Worth

Do you seek salvation?

Do you know what the word means? It is the deliverance from, the preservation from, harm or ruin. “Evil,” if you’re comfortable with blanket terms.

If you desire deliverance from the evil in your life, then you desire “salvation.”

Many are those who would claim to grant it.

I am not one of them.

I am one who will look you in the eye and tell you that I cannot grant you salvation. Salvation in the hands of someone who claims they can grant it, is nothing more than snake oil.

I will, however grant you a Forbidden Truth which will allow you to find it for yourself:

The gods themselves cannot grant salvation.

That’s important. That’s the key to a very large V-twin engine in the machine of your life. It is the most empowering sentence you have ever read. (Well, perhaps the second most important.)

If that sounds insane, it’s because you’re reading it wrong. I am not telling you that salvation does not exist. I can promise you that from experience, even if I cannot promise you that you will find it.

I can promise you that it takes faith to find.

Not in a deity…but in yourself.

By this I mean no disrespect to any deity (or mortal); I only mean that the most anyone can do for you is provide a safe environment. You must do the rest.

In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig pointed out that if you knock down an ugly factory but leave in place the mentality that built it, then all you’re going to do is wind up with another factory.

Salvation, the kind we’re talking about, is a state of mind. No-one can change your mind for you.

No-one else, be they mortal, divine, or anything in between, can do more than assist you, or provide an example. Think of meditation, or even of sitting quietly. You can be placed in a conducive environment, you can be shown what it looks like from the outside, but the true power and ability come from the feeling of it, and that you have to find for yourself.

I could tell you all the books I’ve read, and of the life I’ve lived, but my life is not yours. While fundamentally we are the same, in the details we differ. I’ll share anyway over time in the hopes that it might help you, but the effort and the act are upon you.

I can ride a motorcycle in front of you, but if you want to ride your own, only you can do that. It is worth the effort.

There is always more than one way to find the way into the space within that is vibrant, and aware, and safe from the evils of life.

If you are willing to be disciplined, willing to look inside yourself, and willing to be brutally honest about how much of your life’s evil is of your own manufacture—for if you think that none of it is your own damned fault, you’re not seeking salvation, but an excuse not worth a fart in a high wind—then yours is the power to save yourself, one hundred percent for free.

Have faith, that you can find it. The thought will become the deed.

It will take time; but time is irrelevant. The goal is important.

And when you reach that goal, when you climb aboard the motorcycle of your soul and weave it through the landscape of your mind, when, through perseverance and skill, however long it takes, you at last reach the place within you where the evil is no more, and you climb out of the saddle to claim your prize, it will all be as meaningless as a melon!


Unless you have two very very important ideas in your mind when you claim that prize, it will be as water in an open palm.

First, then, keep in mind what you will do with your salvation once you achieve it. That is even more important than finding it, and most people do not realize that. Salvation, enlightenment, is not an end in itself; it is not a magic switch that makes everything just swell forever.

It is only a tool.

Important, powerful, but a tool nonetheless.

Meditate on this, for this is the second thing you must have in mind when you find it: “salvation” is not the elimination of evil from your life…it is only safety from the evil in your life.

That’s a tool. Like anything else, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

That is the Truth, and the #truthridesamotorcycle


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