Prayer: Not Just For Theists

Today has been designated a “National Day of Prayer” here in the United States.

Many of my friends are of the opinion that prayer is just for Christians. By extension, I suspect that many people make the same error.

Prayer is something anyone can do.

Even atheists.

To explain how this can be so, we must first define prayer. The word has developed a popular definition as a petition to a deity. Or praise of a deity, or both. It’s understandable. The most famous prayers fit these definitions.

But those are specific prayers.

“Prayer” is a general term.

At its heart, stripped of its specific details, “prayer” is a connection, with reverence.

Deity is traditional to the process.

But not necessary, if such things are not within the scope of your world view.

You need not connect to a deity. “Reverence” is an ultimate form of respect; again, you can respect things that are not divine.

The Zen state is prayer. It is respectful connection, and nothing else.

Riding a motorcycle is a Zen state. Respectful connection is the essence of being a biker.

In this spirit, then, I invite everyone to join in the National Day of Prayer.

Set aside your angers.

Set aside your anxieties.

Set aside your concerns and debates.

In the stillness left by the set-asides, find something to connect to, and revere.

Divine, or merely abstract, however you choose to perceive it.

It’s okay, either way. There is always more than one way.

This is what it is, to pray.

You will find health, and strength, and peace, in the prayer.

That is what it is for.

That is the Truth;

And the #truthridesamotorcycle


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