The Love of the Unknown

If you’ll forgive the cliche, we live in uncertain times.

People are dying. People are killing. People are profiteering. Nothing is as it was, and nobody knows when it’s going to stop.

I don’t think I need to provide a source for my information when I say that all of this is causing a certain amount of fear.

It’s understandable. The unknown and the uncertain are the monsters under your bed, holding within their slate grey arms foul weapons of pain and destruction, just waiting for you to set your bare foot upon your bedroom floor.

…if you wish to look at it that way.

For the unknown and the uncertain are also the angels that live inside every unopened birthday present, holding withing their golden arms glowing boons of unspeakable joy.

Look at those first two sentences again. They could have been written yesterday, last year, twenty years ago, six years into the future or carved on an asteroid by a spaceship two millennia after the sun goes out.

All times are uncertain.

What makes this time, then, so special that it must be feared?

Fear is not of itself a bad thing. Fear is the well from which we draw the waters of the sense of self-preservation.

But fear is also a drug. Like any drug, too much of it will take your life over.

So remember: while the unknown contains the possibility of dire peril…every uncertainty also contains the promise of great reward.

The choice is yours: to see your life and times as a monster under the bed, or as a present?

Every explorer hacking their way into an impenetrable jungle, every astronaut being shot into space has plenty of monsters under their bed: there are millions of things that can go wrong, with death lurking behind every flick of the second hand on a clock.

But they treat life like a present, that they can’t wait to open.

The risk is nothing, in the face of the reward.

Opening that present, is in itself a reward.

The best motorcycle rides are those with no destination in mind. The uncertainty is half the fun.

And every time a biker climbs aboard their quarter-ton bomb and heads for a random compass point with no more protection from mishap than that provided by a pair of jeans, a million things can go wrong, with death lurking behind every imperfection on the asphalt.

That’s why we go.

That’s the other half of the fun.

Some people run and hide from uncertainty.

We ride it.

Riding it is how we make the most of it, let it bring us to our highest state of oneness, awareness, of being.

That is pure validation. That is life.

That…is the Truth.

And the Truth rides a motorcycle.

This is a sermon of the Second Et.


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