Life Is Good

I had a continuation of last week’s theme planned for today.

But that can wait.

Something more important came up; it came up in the form of a link, to a YouTube video, Ezio Bosso’s “Rain, In Your Black Eyes.” I sat here, listening to it, scrolling through my news feed, and another friend had posted a gorgeous picture of a sunset. Lou Ferrigno, The Incredible Hulk, posted a picture of a pug wearing “Hulk Hands” toys.

Other friends posted little slivers of their lives, and I sat here smiling, as delighted as a child seeing these things.

And I “liked,” and commented, and shared my own thoughts right alongside them, without any consideration for my image, or what other people might think, didn’t worry about being where I didn’t belong.

That’s important, because that’s how I lived most of my life.

If you are sitting there sneering and scoffing at the idea of music and pictures and 144-character stories being uplifting…I get it. Two thirds of my life, I wallowed in the darkness and pain, self-doubt, refusing to believe in myself, taking a perverse sort of pleasure in the universe being my enemy. Nothing went right, nothing could go right.

This is better. A childish, happy smile at pictures of dogs and sunsets while haunting, beautiful music plays in the background is far better than brooding and being a tortured soul.

I am not a tragic figure.

The power to be one or the other always resides inside. Me, you, …them… All I can do is point a way.

Look around you; look at what I said, so casually, about my friends and favorites sharing little slices of their lives. We live in a world of connection. We’re never alone unless we want to be.

Look at the most important word in that last paragraph.


I have friends.

And “No man is a failure…who has friends.”

You know who said that? Captain America, in a comic book that came out in 1978.

And it’s true. Goes for women, too.

I said before that learning to ride a motorcycle unlocked all sorts of confidence; it’s given me the confidence, over time, to like and share and talk and live and just be mindlessly happy over pictures of dogs and sunsets set to beautiful music.

Students of Zen monasteries are told to “become like a baby again!” and I finally understand why.

If I can do this, you can do this. Let yourself do it.

Maybe learning to ride a bike isn’t for you, but something is. Find it, and do it. Let yourself find it, and do it.

Maybe it’s as simple as looking up into the sky every night and saying, “Life is good.” I did that every day for years, even when I didn’t want to believe it, and saying it has helped me to admit it. To make it true.

Life is good.

If you let it be.

This post isn’t particularly long, or detailed; it isn’t particularly deep, or profound, it isn’t particularly well-crafted or chock-full of references…

But not everything has to be.

I am happy, and I wanted to share. There’s a whole comment section below…please do the same.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that what makes you happy, is good. No matter how small, or simple, or irrelevant it may seem.

That is the truth.

And Truth rides a motorcycle.

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