You know all those popular memes about being genuine, honest, and not caring about what other people think?  Bikers actually live like that.  It’s a universe of philosophy, excellence, and damned fine parties. I’m out to explore it, and inviting you for the ride. Because Truth rides a motorcycle.  

Rise Up!

Note: this text version is not a word-for-word transcript. Today, I want to tell you a little story. It is the story of how I modified my motorcycle using two Allen wrenches, a hammer, a screwdriver, a power drill, a hacksaw, a socket wrench, a breaker bar, my grandfather’s old industrial-strength commercial pipe wrench, a… Continue Reading Rise Up!

A Bunch of Tree-Hugging Hippie Crap

  Today I’d like to pick apart a phrase that you might have heard: “Mind-Body-Spirit.” It’s the third term that’s the problem child there. Some of you are already itching to navigate elsewhere on the web, somewhere that isn’t populated by people who think the Harry Potter movies are documentaries, just because of that one… Continue Reading A Bunch of Tree-Hugging Hippie Crap